No intention of going away

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The Doubtful Guest is a short, illustrated book by Edward Gorey, first published by Doubleday in 1957. It is the third of Gorey's books and shares with his others a sense of the absurd, meticulous cross-hatching, and a seemingly-Edwardian setting. The book begins with the sudden appearance of a strange, penguin-like creature in a turn-of-the-century manor house. An aristocratic family struggles to coexist with the creature, who is by turns despondent and mischievous. By the final page, the guest has stayed for seventeen years, and shows "no intention of going away".


  1. So cute ! And at the end, the doubtful guest "would prefer not to" leave ?
    Musique parfaite pour faire écho à cet invité sans-gêne : acide (dans tous les sens du terme), pêchue, couleurs seventies, a real penguin-like music indeed :)

    1. Un bon résumé !
      Un territoire musical comme je les aime, notamment dans ce qu'il peut intriguer.


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